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Larry Wilske


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Welcome to My Campaign Page

My name is Larry A. Wilske (Master Chief (SEAL), USN, Ret’d. and I’d like to introduce myself to you as the top Candidate for California’s 71st Assembly. This is a local race with Statewide and National implications. As California is going through a toxic imbalance in the State Legislature we collectively need an example of Patriotism, acceptance, and placing decency in all people as our first goal. This will take the type of leadership that comes from someone that believes in America, the America People, and those that continue to build and strengthen our country as prescribed in our Constitution!

Developing appropriate Private, Public, Partnerships (P-3) that create local, effective coalitions as the backbone of our society will create a paradigm of Healthy Citizen Reliance who only needs the Government at a backstop, not an overbearing monster prying its way into every facet of our daily lives. Over the last 30-years I’ve built such coalitions world-wide and understand this only works when it’s started at the very local levels; California’s 71st Assembly District has the perfect formula to begin this movement. I am very confident we can be a National example in very short order.

 The base for this Movement are the principles we all know and respect:

1.       Liberty – Our Freedom as Americans is our single most important Principle. To say and do what we want as Law Abiding Citizens is our one true entitlement. The rest we earn. Being Personally Responsible for our actions is the bedrock of our Nation. The Government’s role is to simply protect law abiding Citizens.

2.       The Rule of Law – At the State Level we have seen our Executive Branch (Governor’s Office) promulgate and support decisions which undermine our legal system, escalate bureaucratically driven regulations, and completely supplant legislative prerogatives. This must be curtailed and will start at the local level; where communities will stand up for the Rule of Law and, through appropriate Leadership, remain steadfast in our resolve. This does not take Membership in a Political Party, this takes Patriotism and Leadership.

3.       Stewardship! ALL Elected Officials and Government Employees need to be cognizant of who they work or and who pays their bills. Nobody should be able to enter into any legislative body as a means to make millions of dollars via insider trading, or continue the shameless practice of pork barrel spending for the single purpose of “Buying Votes”. Being a good Steward of the tax dollar means nothing short of balancing the “Checkbook” and keep the government moving forward.

4.       Smaller and more Local Government – Our State Government is simply too big and continues to intrude in far too much of our civil and personal lives. Sacramento’s size and reach must be reduced. Our Great State should only invest/re-invest with the powers and responsibilities that were designed into our system of government by our Founding Fathers. Our state would make great gains in Legislative Health if only there were focus on the 10th Amendment as a Supporting Arm, not something to blatantly ignore.

5.       Keeping Californian’s Safe – In the past this responsibility rested solely on the shoulders of our State Government, First Responders, and (when absolutely necessary), our State Militia (National Guard). An engaged Citizenry who embraces the sacrifices of our 1st responders with a keen appreciation for the Rule of Law will be the “Force Multipliers” absolutely necessary to keep our communities safe. 

Never before in history was such a re-invigoration ever led from the Top-down we have a district of balance unlike most others Nationwide and will work directly from the bottom up to success. Using our principles as an immovable force to rally around we can collectively move ahead as Americans not laced in “Political Correctness” or “Diversity” but as united creating an example our entire Nation can learn from.

I need your support in this crucial endeavor and I’m writing to you, a journalist that desires truth and a positive outlook to report on for a change.

Very Respectfully,

Larry A. Wilske

Master Chief, (SEAL), USN, Retired

About Larry

Who is Larry Wilske? First and foremost...A Patriot who has bled Red White and Blue his entire life. Larry doesn't take no for an answer. Read his bio here.

Solutions for the District

Positions on Issues without Solutions is a failure of Leadership. Read My Solutions for the District here.

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This is your district, together we will find a solution to raise the quality of life and economic success of the entire district. Read my plan here.

Campaign Endorsements

Rep Scott Taylor (R-VA)
BGEN Mike Neil, USMC, Ret’d
Dave Miller
San Diego East County Conservatives
Dave Burton
Terry Touchstone, San Diego East County Screaming Eagles
Thomas Krouse
Doris Revis-Brekke
Debbie Lenson, North County Conservatives
Bob Lenson, North County Conservative Caucus
New York Myke (Shelby), Owner San Diego Harley Davidson
Toni Bressi

Join the Team

We will make the 71st District Great Again, but we can not do this alone. I am calling on all citizens to get involved in their community.